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June 15, 201811:07 AM
Simplification is one of the easiest ways to get money for your gas, oil, or mineral rights. For more information a…
May 2, 201802:41 PM
Deciding when to sell your mineral rights can be complicated, but our team of experienced brokers knows the market…
April 13, 201809:51 AM
Are you interested in selling mineral rights? Our brokers work to get clients the best price for their rights. Visi…
March 27, 201811:40 PM
One question we are often asked is "Can I lease or sell my mineral rights?" Find the answer to this, here:…
February 26, 201802:57 PM
Did you know Texas is the eighth top state for production of non-fuel minerals? While fuel sources such as gas and…
February 1, 201804:51 PM
Our mineral brokers are dedicated to helping you make the most of your mineral rights. If you are interested in sel…
November 17, 201702:14 PM
Do you own property in an area with precious resources? Learn more about mineral rights, here:…
October 24, 201701:41 PM
Are you interested in selling your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties? Learn more, here:…
September 18, 201702:08 PM
A popular question we get asked on mineral rights is, "How do I go about selling them?" Learn more, here:…
June 27, 201710:50 AM
Don't let the process of selling your mineral rights overwhelm you. Learn how it can positively impact your life:…
April 19, 201712:40 PM
Read this article find out the advantages to selling your mineral rights instead of leasing them:…
April 5, 201702:17 PM
Read our blog to find out more about selling your mineral rights:
March 6, 201703:32 PM
Are you looking to sell your mineral rights? Contact us today to begin the process!
February 20, 201703:59 PM
Locations we focus on are Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Dakota.
January 23, 201702:51 PM
Learn all the reason's to sell your mineral rights, gas rights, and oil rights here:
December 7, 201611:41 AM
November 29, 201602:37 PM
Although many of our clients are in West and South Texas, we help people from all over the country. View more, here…
November 22, 201609:14 AM
Check out our list of mineral rights areas to see if you are in or near one.
November 16, 201611:17 AM
Learn more about hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and how it can affect your surface rights, here:…
November 8, 201609:30 AM
Contact us today if you have any questions regarding your mineral rights. We are here to help!…
November 2, 201602:46 PM
Selling your mineral, gas, and oil rights can lead to a steady financial future. View some reasons to sell, here:…
October 26, 201608:54 AM
Read through the home page of our website to find information regarding selling rights to minerals.…
October 21, 201601:00 PM
Customers often ask, "Can having mineral rights influence my taxes?" Find the answer to this question, here:…
October 12, 201607:12 AM
October 10, 201603:13 PM
September 30, 201603:42 PM
Details concerning the serious risks associated with choosing not to sell mineral rights, here:…
September 22, 201608:18 AM
There are a few differences between leasing and selling your mineral rights. Learn more, here:…
September 14, 201608:30 AM
Check out our website to see if your property is located in a mineral-bearing area.
September 2, 201604:11 PM
Have you considered the benefits of selling your mineral rights? Learn more, here:

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4505 Spicewood Springs Rd, #104
Austin, TX 78759

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